Headfield CE Junior School

Biblical Underpinning

For With God Nothing Shall Be Impossible. Luke 1:37

Our school vision is underpinned by the bible yet deep thought and exploration took place when choosing our biblical underpinning to ensure due respect was given to our predominantly Muslim community. Jesus in the Bible and Isa in the Quran are the same person and Isa is the most mentioned prophet in the Quran. The story from which our quote is taken, spoken by Angel Gabriel (Jibril) from Luke 1-37 'For with God nothing shall be impossible', is prominent in both religious texts. Our pursuit of all things being possible for all at Headfield is paramount. The story of Jesus born a pure boy to Mary (Maryam) in the Quran mirrors the bible version in Christianity. 

Our biblical underpinning drives Headfield to lift the ceiling, empower children to dream and hope beyond what they may see in their daily lives and reach for the stars, raising aspiration. Children at Headfield have very strong faith and God is so important in our lives. The bible quote 'For with God nothing shall be impossible' sums up Headfield perfectly.