Headfield CE Junior School

Our Faith Values

Faith Values Design

Headfield's faith values were chosen by our pupils as the ones they felt were most important to our school community. Through collective worship, children had the opportunity to explore the meaning of a variety of values and vote. Children then took part in a competition to design a logo to represent the chosen faith values. The design above was the winner and shows a dove to represent peace and it is prominent in the design because our children want to live in a harmonious society. The world in the background shows we all belong together and our faith values, through which we live and breathe our school vision 'Achieving, Believing, Together', are around the heart. The hearts show the love that is at the centre of our wonderful school.

Our faith values design can be seen all around school, on doors, in classrooms, on displays and the most prominent is in the reception entrance where a special wall hanging has been created as our values are so important to life at Headfield.