Headfield CE Junior School

Welcome from our Head Boy and Head Girl 2021-2022


Following a rigorous application process where a letter of application was submitted, followed by shortlisting, an interview and a presentation we are delighted to share our Head Boy Isa and Head Girl Maryam.  These are the most prestigious roles in school, an aspiration for younger children to aim for and we were overwhelmed during the interview process with their passion and drive for Headfield School and every child who belongs here. 


 My name is Isa and my name is Maryam and we are your new Head boy and girl. We were successful in our application and interview back in July and are honoured to hold this prestigious role at Headfield. We are supported by the members of staff and our team of prefects.

This year we want to make Headfield the most exciting, interesting and safe school for all of you children. We would love you to help us ensure that the school environment is clean and tidy, to respect one another, including all the staff and dinner ladies, keeping our faith values that we all chose at the heart of everything we do. You can easily recognise us from our blazers and badges and if you have any problems you are welcome to come and talk to us at play times and lunchtimes.

 We have been thinking about our biblical underpinning, ‘For with God nothing shall be impossible.’ We would like to share our story about how we have achieved what we always thought would be impossible.

(Isa) In Year 3 I saw someone with the head boy badge and thought that one day that would never be me. It never crossed my mind that I would want to be head boy when I was younger but as I have moved through school my confidence has grown and my dreams and aspirations changed. I saw that other boys could do it before me so I decided that if I persevere I can accomplish all of my goals too. I’ve always tried to be a good role model to my class mates, stayed true to myself, worked very, very hard, always completed my homework and had an outstanding attitude towards learning. I have always had impeccable manners and behaved in an exemplary way.

(Maryam) Ever since Year 3 and I saw a little glisten in a badge I wondered who that could possibly be. II soon realised that it was a head girl. At that time I had no clue what that was then I asked somebody and they told me that it was a person who had been given an important role for other children to aspire to be like.  Ever since that day I have tried to be helpful, respectful and never do bad things. I have always tried to have a smile on my face, enjoy school and help others around me. I always prayed to God that I would become head girl. And I now realise that ‘For with God nothing shall be impossible.’

(Isa) Even though Maryam and I have achieved the impossible that doesn’t mean our aspirations have ended – we have a future to enjoy and complete. God gives to you things that are beneficial to yourself and I hope God will answer my prayers and give me the strength to become Prime Minister in the future.

(Maryam) We hope that our journey has inspired you to raise your aspirations and go achieve your dreams and you can do anything with God by your sides.

Our Prefect Team


Isa and Maryam are supported by a fabulous team of prefects who all hold additional responsibilities and duties through the school day. The prefect team were chosen by their class teachers in Year 5 for being ‘always children’ who always treat others with respect and dignity, always work hard, are always great role models to other children, can always be relied upon and always make the most of school life. You can spot them around school with their smart blazers.