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Our target attendance is 96% or above. Anything below could have a negative effect on your child’s learning.

There is a link between poor attendance and low levels of achievement. A persistent absentee is a child whose attendance is 90% or below. Being absent can limit your child’s opportunities as well as creating bad habits for school and in the future for work. Arriving to school late can also have an impact on  attainment. If a child arrives 6 minutes late each day, it is equivalent to missing almost 1½ days per term. 

Holidays in term time

It is important for your child's education that holidays are not taken during term time.

If this is impossible, leave of absence for family holiday must be granted in advance by the school. You should write to the Headteacher requesting leave of absence and giving details of dates/length of the holiday. Only in exceptional circumstances can the Headteacher authorise up to 10 days leave of absence for the purpose of family holiday during the school year. Where the Headteacher decides that authorisation cannot be given but the absence occurs, consideration will be given to the issuing of a Penalty Notice in line with Kirklees Code of Conduct.

Parents wishing to take their children on extended holiday to India or Pakistan or Haj are strongly urged to discuss their plans with the Headteacher. There are times during your child's education when it would be inappropriate for them to have a long absence from school. Periods of extended leave will not be granted to children in Year 6, to children with less than 85% attendance or to children who have already had one period of extended leave during Key Stage 2.

Children who are taken out of school without school knowing will be tracked and the Children Missing Education Team will be involved.  Your child may then be removed from the school roll with no guarantee of re-admission on your return.

Appointments can be made with the Headteacher, to discuss applications for extended holiday, by contacting the school office.

If you wish to know more about illness and absence, please contact Miss Holl (Educational Teaching Manager).

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