Headfield CE Junior School

School Council

The School Council, run by Miss Valli and Miss Holl, are a very important part of our school where the pupil members are advocates of positive change; the voice of our children. They always have our school vision 'Achieving, Believing, Together' at the forefront of their minds along with our school faith values which guide our daily lives. 

The School Council meet regularly and consider how to further improve school for our pupils. The School Council are also responsible for charity fundraising events.


School Council's recent successes

  • Supporting fellow students in their reading aspirations by introducing them to the local library in Dewsbury. School Council planned a visit as a group and with a librarian to find out information about how to become members and what the library has on offer. The team then shared their findings with the other children in school.
  • Feedback to Mrs Miller about OPAL and our improving school grounds.
  • Setting up the 'Red Coat' group. These are School Council children who have volunteered to wear a Headfield Junior red fleece  so that they can be identified in the playground by other children. This is so they can help our pupils with any playtime needs. This could be: as a friend when children are feeling lonely, to help set up a game with others and to help staff at any time. 


School Council's current focus

  • Designing and creating colourful decoration boards to brighten up our school playground areas.



We are delighted to tell you that we raised £465.83 on Non-Uniform day. This money will be used to purchase new playground waste bins and will make our school look more desirable.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! We really value your support!


From the Year 4 School Councillors