Headfield CE Junior School

School Development Plan

A school development plan is written each year and makes clear how the Headfield team intend to drive the school forward in our journey to becoming an outstanding school. We are a strong, ambitious team who are striving to give the children of Savile Town and Thornhill Lees the best rounded education we possibly can, rich in experience and routed in literacy skills. We constantly evaluate the effectiveness of our school, celebrate the successes and identify what we need to focus on to ensure our children are given firm foundations to continue their next step in education when they leave us. 

The focus areas of our school development plan this academic year are:

  • To continue to raise standards and attainment for pupils in reading and writing.
  • Ensure behaviour remains exceptional around school.
  • Raise attendance so it is inline with national attendance at 96% and promote good attendance for all pupils..
  • Increase our links within the local community.
  • Develop staff new into leadership roles into highly effective leaders.